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Accountancy Age

  • newOECD strikes global deal on automatic tax information sharing

    OECD strikes global deal on automatic tax information sharing

    Accountancy Age THE OECD has hailed the agreement today of an agreement to automatically share tax information on individuals by the year 2018. A press conference in Berlin, following a meeting of the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Ex…
    Published - 17 hours ago, 29 Oct 14, 4:01pm
  • newhaysmacintyre reviewing audit of Global 6 Technologies accounts

    haysmacintyre reviewing audit of Global 6 Technologies accounts

    Accountancy Age HAYSMACINTRYE is reviewing the audit of Global 6 Technologies' 2013 annual accounts after replacing previous auditors Affinity Associates. In a stock exchange statement, the investment and excavation firm confirmed that Londo…
    Published - 22 hours ago, 29 Oct 14, 10:53am
  • newKPMG’s head of charities joins CCW not for profit team

    KPMG’s head of charities joins CCW not for profit team

    Accountancy Age CROWE CLARK WHITEHILL has hired Nicola May, KPMG's head of charities, as a partner in the not-for-profit team. The appointment is the latest in a series of hires and promotions geared towards promoting the firm's advisory cap…
    Published - 22 hours ago, 29 Oct 14, 10:51am
  • newBankruptcies hit lowest quarterly level in 15 years

    Bankruptcies hit lowest quarterly level in 15 years

    Accountancy Age BANKRUPTCIES have hit their lowest quarterly level for 15 years, according to official statistics published by the Insolvency Service. The Insolvency Service has announced that there were 4,886 bankruptcy orders in England an…
    Published - 22 hours ago, 29 Oct 14, 10:49am
  • newDevolution of tax powers to Scotland could overstretch HMRC

    Devolution of tax powers to Scotland could overstretch HMRC

    Accountancy Age DEVOLVING GREATER tax-raising powers to Edinburgh could see HM Revenue & Customs thinly-spread and potentially overstretched, according to ICAEW. Requiring HMRC to administer differing rates at a time of limited and decreasin…
    Published - 22 hours ago, 29 Oct 14, 10:44am
  • newIndirect tax levies rise 49% over ten years

    Indirect tax levies rise 49% over ten years

    Accountancy Age THE GOVERNMENT'S use of indirect taxation has increased 49% since 2004 as it shifts its tax base away from direct sources, according to tax and accounting information group Bloomsbury Professional. By way of comparison, the a…
    Published - 23 hours ago, 29 Oct 14, 10:15am
  • Marussia motors after Caterham into administration

    Marussia motors after Caterham into administration

    Accountancy Age PARTNERS from FRP Advisory have been appointed joint administrators to Marussia, the second Formula One team to enter administration in a matter of days. The specialist restructuring and recovery firm said partners Geoff Rowl…
    Published - 2 days ago, 28 Oct 14, 11:09am
  • NWN beefs up music industry offering with business support hire

    NWN beefs up music industry offering with business support hire

    Accountancy Age WOODFORD-BASED accountancy firm NWN Blue Squared has strengthened its music business operation with the appointment of Jackie Da Costa as artist business manager. Da Costa boasts more than 35 years' experience in the music in…
    Published - 2 days ago, 28 Oct 14, 10:44am
  • James Cowper appoints two directors

    James Cowper appoints two directors

    Accountancy Age THAMES VALLEY-BASED firm James Cowper has promoted two of its staff to director, with the appointment of Sarah Robert and Stuart Williams. Williams joined James Cowper in 2003 and its corporate finance team in 2007. He has ad…
    Published - 2 days ago, 28 Oct 14, 10:24am
  • Three-horse race for RBS audit account

    Three-horse race for RBS audit account

    Accountancy Age PUNDITS are betting on a three-way tussle to win the RBS audit. With RBS set to announce its Q3 2014 interim results on Friday, expectations are growing that the bank may use the event to declare the winner, tipped to be eith…
    Published - 3 days ago, 27 Oct 14, 5:08pm

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Accountant Jokes and Fun

  • 'Born to the m-i-i-i-i-i-ld' (To the tune of Steppenwolf's 'Born to be Wild')
    Calculator runningTotalling invoicesLooking at debenturesAnd all other finance choicesYeah darling, gonna make it add upPut the world in a big spreadsheetDo all of my sums at once andLeave it really neatSome find accounts frightnin’Leaves them full…
    Published - 29 days ago, 1 Oct 14, 9:51am
  • It's official: HMRC writes "ridiculous" "nonsense"
    Given this is a fun blog it's not usual for me to reference the decision in a tax tribunal. But it was impossible to resist when I heard about what the tribunal said.Mr South was appealing against a late filing penalty in respect of his tax return fo…
    Published - 41 days ago, 19 Sep 14, 10:15am
  • An accountant with a STANDOUT way of describing himself
    The way Mark Asquith, Managing Director of Asquith & Co, describes himself, on the meet the team page of his website, certainly makes him stand out. I'm referring especially to the table beneath the more conventional opening paras:I have been working…
    Published - 48 days ago, 12 Sep 14, 9:04am
  • A truly taxing palindrome
    Sex at noon taxes
    Published - 55 days ago, 5 Sep 14, 8:56am
  • Tax flags
    A British guy was chatting with his American friend and was jokingly explaining about the red, white and blue in our National flag."Our flag symbolises our taxes," he said. "We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bill, and blue…
    Published - 62 days ago, 29 Aug 14, 8:53am
  • When a young accountant bought a donkey
    Many years ago a young accountant, Warren, moved to the country and bought a donkey from an old farmer for £200.The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. When he drove up the farmer said: "Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The donkey…
    Published - 69 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 8:46am
  • Very thick skinned accountant wanted by boss of Ryanair
    I was amused by this headline in The Times: Wanted by Ryanair: accountant, very thick-skinned.Rarely does an accountancy job qualify as a hazardous posting in a hostile environment. However, there is a vacancy for a personal aide to the notoriously…
    Published - 73 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 10:00am
  • Death and Taxes and Zombies
    The following academic paper was brought to my attention after I tweeted a link to a newspaper report that incorrectly implied that more and more people are being 'hit' by inheritance tax while they are still alive.This article fills a glaring gap in…
    Published - 18 Jul 14, 8:33am
  • All accountants are.......?
    When you start searching in Google the clever little thing offers to complete your search string. In effect the system recognises and offers you the rest of what other people have searched for even if the words are in a different order.Here are some…
    Published - 11 Jul 14, 8:51am
  • What clients say to wind up their accountant
    What do clients say that winds you up?"I just popped everything in this carrier bag here - I knew you could sort it all out for me.""My friend's accountant says.....""I need a mortgage reference - you will make the figures look good for me won't you?…
    Published - 4 Jul 14, 8:14am